A Conversation with Michael Matera, Author of “Explore Like a Pirate” (ep. 65)

In this episode, Michael and I cover the topic of games in education from defining terms like gamification and game-based learning to sharing practical classroom examples to insights as to the reasons why teachers should consider adding game elements and practices to a lesson, unit, or an entire course/year. This pod is also a part of a series we are currently creating as a way to promote the featured speakers for our upcoming Westside Personalized Summit. Michael gives listeners an overview of what to expect from the six sessions he will be leading over that two-day timeframe, and so be sure to listen in to learn more about those professional development opportunities that will be available at the WP Summit on May 29th-30th.

There is still time to sign-up and join us for the Westside Personalized Summit! To register, visit http://bit.ly/WPTickets – and on that site you will also find a link to our summit schedule to see all of the amazing sessions that will be available.