Kindergarten Personalization: Tech Tips and Implementation Tricks for PL with Kinders (Ep. 03)

In this pod, Dustin and I discuss his experiences as an Apple Distinguished Educator before diving in to look at how Dustin leverages technology and flexible learning centers to facilitate personalized learning practices in his classroom.

As you listen…

  • Note the technology pieces that Dustin has leveraged to facilitate personalization in the classroom. Most of these resources can be found in the show notes below.

  • Consider the choice opportunities Dustin affords his students, specifically with the choice charts he has created.

  • Remember that this podcast is audio from a video that can be accessed in the link above if you would like to view some of the handouts and classroom practices Dustin references. There is also a link in the resources below to a 360 video tour of Dustin’s classroom and each of the learning centers he has created.