Learner Preferences Series: Annotations & Booksnaps (ep. 30)

Tara M. Martin joins the pod this week to explore a fun and creative, alternative way to annotate, #Booksnaps. In this episode, Tara shares her story that led to the creation of #Booksnaps, she delves into the brain research that supports #Booksnaps as a viable educational strategy, and she and I also discuss tech tools and implementation practices to support educators who are looking to start offering students the opportunity to use #Booksnaps in the classroom. This podcast is the first of a three-part mini-series focused on encouraging educators to intentionally differentiate a variety of classroom practices in order to afford learners choices that will eventually empower learners to develop a sense of their individual learner preferences. By understanding those learner preferences, students can then start to optimize their efficiency, productivity, and learning in a personalized model.