Learner Preferences Series: Note-Taking & Sketchnotes (ep. 31)

In this episode, Carrie shares her expertise on sketchnoting and advocates for educators to consider making sketchnoting an option for their learners as a way to engage new ideas and content shared through direct instruction. Together, Carrie and I discuss the value of first teaching students a variety of ways in which to take notes, and then explore how adding elements of sketchnoting to those note-taking practices can serve to enhance learner engagement and retention – while also extending learners an opportunity to develop their own preferred note taking process. This podcast is the second of a three-part mini-series focused on encouraging educators to intentionally differentiate a variety of classroom practices in order to afford students choices that will eventually empower them to develop a sense of their individual learner preferences. By then understanding those learner preferences, students can start to optimize their efficiency, productivity, and learning in a personalized model.