Math, MAPs, and Data-Driven Personalization in the 3rd Grade Classroom (ep. 06)

In this episode, educator Sarah Mosel shares how she utilizes her students’ MAPS testing scores to equip her learners with the info necessary to make data-driven decisions that drive the flexible grouping and student choices in her personalization model.

As you listen…

  • Consider how you might differentiate the ways in which a student is exposed to any new math concept. There’s immense value to having students discover which method is the best entry point for understanding a math concept, but also this differentiation can stretch student thinking beyond that initial entry point to enrich the concept through a variety of contexts.
  • It’s always great to beg, borrow, and steal, so explore the links below as resources to support you in designing and facilitating your own personalized model.
  • Note how the language Sarah uses and her intentional conversations about growth mindset have fostered a new perspective and a growth culture for her students as they progress in math.