Personalized Elements Enhancing Learning, Engagement, and Productivity in Middle School Languages (Ep. 02)

What a fun podcast! Ginger Starks-Yoble’s energy and passion for developing the whole student shines through as she shares the personalized components of her classroom practices in her German language course at the middle school level. Ginger’s story begins with her forays into intentional tech integration that came as a result of her doctoral coursework. In this episode, Ginger expounds upon how her early experiments with tech opened up choice opportunities that permitted her opportunities to enhance her personal rapport with her students, improve her classroom climate, and create a class culture that supports and promotes learner autonomy.


As you listen…

  • Note how Ginger weaves our personalized elements together to the mutual benefit of each independent element and also as a means of enhancing the overall learning experience as a whole.
  • Consider all of the subtle opportunities for differentiation and choice Ginger takes advantage of as ways in which to further student engagement.
  • You can certainly hear Ginger’s passion for the work she does with her learners, so listen for all of the ways in which she is intentional about getting to know them, as students and people.