Student Agency in Journalism: Characteristics of a Student-Centered Culture (Ep. 10)

For this episode, I interviewed the editors of multiple WHS journalism publications with two goals in mind. The first goal was to share the story of how one student took on the sole responsibility of creating an entirely new website for our high school journalism program. The second goal was to highlight just what students are capable of when an educator intentionally creates a classroom culture that permits students the opportunity for voice, choice, and learner autonomy.

I’m definitely pleased with the unique structure of this podcast; join Jerred and I as we sit down together to listen to the interviews I conducted with his students. You will hear those students share their stories, and we will break periodically to catch Jerred’s initial reactions to their comments along with his insights regarding the culture he has built with as the advisor for this program.

Compared to other WP podcasts, this episode does not provide a direct lesson, unit, or procedural example – journalism is somewhat of its own unique entity – but there is a personalized mindset that is clearly expressed here in both Jerred’s and his students’ comments. Enjoy!