The Power of Student Voice in a Personalized Model (Ep. 05)

For this podcast, I invited three of my former students in for a roundtable reflection on personalized learning. Our discussion focuses in on the “honest conversations” we had as I was still developing my own personalized practices in the English classroom. We chat about classroom culture, the need for students to utilize their voice, and how critical it is for educators to listen to and collaborate with their learners as they approach their PL classroom design and practices.

As you listen…

  • Take note of the requests the students make. As reflective educators, it helps to consider what the learner might be experiencing in your classroom, and the comments these students make might help drive your own personal reflection as they did mine.
  • Key in on the students’ ability to articulate the value of personalization and other classroom practices. It’s vital that we make space in our classroom to inform students of the reasoning┬ábehind personalization and the educational benefits it can provide.
  • Feel free to consider how some of the practices discussed might be adapted into your own teaching pedagogy.